6 signs you urgently need a new bookkeeper

July 18, 2017

Bookkeeping is an essential task to managing your business well and it’s vitally important to know that it’s being done right. Choosing the very best team to manage your books is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

If your current bookkeeper isn’t up to scratch, misses deadlines, and is difficult to contact, don’t put up with it! Make a change. Choose Maximum Business Solutions! Book a consultation or call us today.

Bookkeeper in Melbourne

Is your current bookkeeper difficult to contact?

Bookkeeping isn’t something businesses can afford to neglect. It’s a task that must be completed properly by a qualified team.

Above all, your bookkeeper should be contactable as you navigate your way through the practice of running a business.

Our prices are competitive and affordable, so you can be assured you are getting your money’s worth for our services. What’s more, we bring a first-class skill set to be another asset to your business.

Does your current bookkeeper lack quality in their ongoing services?

At first, all goes well.

Your new bookkeeper gets to know you, schedules some insightful meetings, and begins, keeping your books. As the months pass, however, you notice that communication thins, deadlines are missed, and you start to feel some shred of concern. You’re wary, and you notice that the great service you first experienced has noticeably slipped. It’s not a very comforting feeling!

One of a bookkeeper’s goals is to retain their clients for many years. The way that is done is through service that never falters, regardless if you’ve been a client for one month or 10 years.

Does your current bookkeeper free you up so you’ve more time to actually run your business?

Every business is different and we realise that a flexible approach to each client is the most effective way towards success.

To us, success is not only accurately managing your books for the long term, but also freeing up your time, allowing you to focus on all the other core aspects of running your business.

Does your current bookkeeper schedule frequent meetings?

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction, but we are also aware that business owners can be very busy people.

Does your current bookkeeper make the time to meet with you, whether that’s in person, via video chat, or even over the phone? How regularly are you meeting?

During these meetings, we critically analyse your business; not just where it is, but where it can go.

Our meetings are productive and from the very first consultation, we get to know your business and its processes. From then on, we offer solid reporting, analytics, and advice to help you understand how your business is performing.

We work tirelessly to make each and every client comfortable with our services, so they all have the verifiable assurance that we are doing the job right.

Need a new bookkeeper in Melbourne

Does your bookkeeper approach you with ideas?

A bookkeeper is an integral part of a growing business; not just someone who frequents your office every other month.

A good bookkeeper reports on your finances and helps you prepare for tax, while a great bookkeeper also offers insight and provides valuable financial ideas, suggestions, and advice moving forward. They will also repair any existing financial errors.

They should be your financial partner, working seamlessly within and alongside your business, year after year. A tailored approach, suited specifically to your business, is also a major key.

The importance of bookkeeping from Melbourne’s Maximum Business Solutions

Accurate bookkeeping is so important for every business: it’s a way to assess that your business had good financial health and offers great insight into future improvements.

If you feel you’re stuck with a bookkeeper who lacks the passion, quality, and accountability your business deserves, call us today. Alternatively, book a consultation; we look forward to meeting you!