Invoicing Services

Invoicing is an integral factor in your business’s payment collection process. It drives cash flow into the business through the customer’s payment.

For small to medium business owners, invoicing can be a painful process given the amount of time and effort needed in identifying the transactions and then preparing, issuing and sending out invoices to clients.

Let Maximum Business Solutions help streamline your invoicing process!

Keeping accurate transaction records

Depending on demands of your business, you might find yourself overwhelmed with keeping your transaction records accurate and up-to-date.

You can’t prepare and send an invoice to a client if you do not keep track of the transactions that have transpired between you and the client.

Falling behind on invoicing? Maximum Business Solutions will make sure that each and every task you have completed for a client is tracked, recorded and billed.

Keeping accurate transaction records

Invoicing process

Invoicing is not just a matter of sending your client a piece of paper with their bill on it; it involves a meticulous process that should be put in place in the early stages of your business.

When you have a streamlined invoicing process, it becomes easier for you to keep track of all transactions, making cash flow more consistent and importantly, predictable.

If you don’t have an invoicing process in place, you may find yourself encountering different issues that could affect your cash flow and how you manage it.

Maximum Business Solutions can work on designing an invoice process that works best for your business!

Invoicing tips

Set clear payment terms

Before entering any transactions with clients, the payment terms should be discussed.

By doing this, you are laying the foundation of the transaction, allowing you to set the expectation clearly for both parties.

Invoicing tips

Set payment methods

As a business, it’s important to have a variety of payment methods as to give your clients options.

This makes it easier for clients to pay their bill if they have a few options to choose from.

Invoicing tips

Create an invoice pattern

To avoid any invoice duplication or late issuance, make sure you create an invoicing pattern that involves setting schedules when to send invoices and when to make follow-ups.

Invoicing tips

Enhance the system with the latest tools

Maximum Business Solutions works with world’s best cloud bookkeeping and invoicing services.

These makes invoicing more efficient and effective as it is easier to gather and track data needed before generating the invoices.

Invoicing tips

Create an easy-to-understand invoice

Misunderstandings occur if an invoice does not have clear and adequate information.

To make sure there are no payment delays due to invoicing errors, invoices should clearly indicate the following:

  • Company’s name
  • Invoice number
  • Details about the products or services you provided
  • Total amount due
  • Due date for payment
  • Terms of payment
  • Payment options/methods

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