Soar in the cloud! Find out the benefits of cloud bookkeeping

February 9, 2018

No one opens a business thinking “I can’t wait to do some bookkeeping!”

Love it or hate it however, good bookkeeping is essential if you want your business to stay afloat.

If you find yourself constantly fixing mistakes, crunching numbers, and struggling to keep all your financial records up to date, it might be a might be time to make a change.

Fixing your spotty bookkeeping can be as simple as changing the bookkeeping system you use!

If you’re constantly dealing with stress of manual bookkeeping, it might well be time to switch to a modern, cloud-based solution. Find out how cloud bookkeeping systems like Xero and MYOB can make your business bookkeeping more accurate, comprehensive, and most importantly, a whole load easier!

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2. Cloud bookkeeping is collaborative

One of the wonderful things about the digital revolution is that you no longer need to in the office in person to get things done at your business. In fact, 24% of Australians report having spent at least some of their time working from home.

Your bookkeeping is no exception.

Cloud-based bookkeeping unlocks a whole new world of collaborative bookkeeping for businesses. Now you, your staff, and your bookkeeper to work on the numbers together – without needing to even be in the same room.

3. Cloud bookkeeping is secure

Your bookkeeping information is deals with highly sensitive and confidential information that must be kept safe and secure.

Fortunately, Xero’s servers are very well protected. Xero uses advanced encryption and security systems to keep your data safe. And if disaster strikes, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data – all your bookkeeping records are regularly updated and backed up.

Additionally, business owners who choose Xero bookkeeping have to control over their privacy settings, keeping sensitive data secured. You determine who has access to your bookkeeping and to what information specifically. Business owners can also keep tabs on who’s been accessing their financial records, as well as any suspicious activity.

4. Cloud bookkeeping integrates

Without a doubt one of the biggest strengths of cloud bookkeeping software like Xero or MYOB is that it integrates with everything: your bank, your POS system, your online store…

That means every single transaction from your bank, every purchase (online or off) is recorded with great accuracy. This will also reduce your workload significantly!

Additionally, cloud bookkeeping software can also be integrated into a wide variety of devices. Your phone, tablet, laptop can all be used to check your finances.

Xero in particular allows you to check up on your bookkeeping records at any time from any device with an internet connection. You and your bookie can go over your finances anywhere – talk about convenient!

5. Cloud bookkeeping is efficient

As a business owner, your time is valuable. Every second you spend on your bookkeeping is time you could have been spending growing your business.

Do you spend hours at a time poring over spreadsheets or hunched over at a computer screen instead of running your business? If so, cloud bookkeeping software might be exactly what you need to start getting your time back.

With cloud based bookkeeping, efficiency and productivity take centre stage. Automatically recording all your transactions, expenses and sales can cut out hours of data-entry.

Bookkeeping in Cheltenham

Are you a looking for bookkeeping solution in Cheltenham, Sandringham, and surrounds?

Cloud bookkeeping gives you the power to access your financial information anytime, anywhere.

With huge benefits to both business owners and bookies, cloud bookkeeping is one wave you can’t afford to miss out on.

We know that bookkeeping might not be your thing – so let us take it off your hands! We’re big believers in making your finances as simple as possible. We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services for businesses all over the Bayside area.

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