A brief history of bookkeeping

July 14, 2017

The bookkeeping practices and software we use today for our businesses has become so important and commonplace.

But it wasn’t so long ago when these practices were first introduced and updated, and when these incredible accounting software providers were first established.

The industry has improved and evolved so rapidly that it’s hard to remember how it was done in the past! We take a quick trip through the history of bookkeeping (even before computers!)

Bookkeeper in Melbourne

Bookkeeping before computers

It’s hard to imagine what life was life before computers.

These were the days where spreadsheets had to be written by hand, while calculators, paper ledgers and filing cabinets were our “modern” go-to tools.

The skills a bookkeeper needed were very important: they demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, and of course had to maintain a good head for numbers. Finding and correcting mistakes was not only more difficult, but more time consuming, too.

That’s right, each and every financial transaction was recorded by hand, into a ledger, while manual cross-entry increased the risk of human error.

Bookkeeping with computers

Today, while technology may have evolved, our skills have remained as strong as ever.

If anything, today’s new innovations have made the profession much more fast-paced and demanding.

While we may have the benefit of digital technology (including cloud software – more on that below), reflecting how it was done before highlights the unmistakable vital skills all bookkeepers share, regardless of the current technology.

The time saved due to bookkeeping software is reflected in bookkeepers’ value-added services, including:

  • Data interpretation
  • Financial and bookkeeping business advice
  • Business advisory and reporting
  • Clean ups and ongoing account management

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2001: Maximum Business Solutions established

Maximum Business Solutions was founded in 2001 by our principal Janina Puttick, who worked quickly and diligently to establish a wide range of clients and put her analytical bookkeeping skills to good use.

Over the years, Maximum Business Solutions has grown from strength to strength. Now in its 16th year, this Melbourne bookkeeper has numerous satisfied clients and has partnered with a number of Australia’s most trusted bookkeeping software. We have also grown, and now have an incredible team of bookkeepers ensuring the smooth running of our practice.

Working alongside businesses and business owners as more than just a bookkeeper, our ongoing consultancy and support enables Melbourne business owners to maximise their time and maximise their accounts! Interested in learning more? Organise a consultation today!

We’ve been in the game long enough now to see the industry evolve and modernise. Our progressive team is always looking forward to exploring the next innovation in bookkeeping practices and software!

MYOB: cloud bookkeeping for the modern business

Before software, the bookkeeping and accounting process was lengthy and prone to human error. The introduction of accounting software like MYOB has helped revolutionise the industry for the better, simplifying traditional bookkeeping processes and making tasks more accurate and efficient.

MYOB is a desktop accounting software with over a million Australian users. Their software manages the finances of small and large businesses across Australia, saving professionals invaluable time and helps keep businesses ATO compliant.

Xero: bookkeeping software that’s trusted globally

Founded and based in New Zealand, Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that specialises in serving small and medium-sized businesses.

Its focus on cloud storage and software makes it a modern, advanced choice for many businesses.

Created in 2006, this software provider has quickly become a giant within the industry and has won many awards, including the highest customer satisfaction ranking for accounting software in 2015 by Canstar Blue.

Recognised as one of the leading software providers across New Zealand and Australia, Xero provides exceptional bookkeeping and cloud services.

Bookkeeping in Melbourne with Maximum Business Solutions

If you’re a business owner seeking reliable bookkeeping in Melbourne, look no further than Maximum Business Solutions. Our team of dedicated bookkeepers and support staff will take care of all tedious bookkeeping tasks you don’t have the time or passion to do. Regain lost time with the support of our team.

Maximum Business Solutions will maximise your time and maximise your accounts. Book a consultation with us today!