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In our information reliant world, more and more services are taking to the cloud. Increasingly, that includes small business bookkeeping.

Our Melbourne bookkeepers see an ever larger number of small business owners come to us, asking about transitioning to cloud bookkeeping.

In particular, whether the transition to cloud bookkeeping is difficult.

Thankfully, the answer is “no!”

The team of cloud bookkeepers at Maximum business ensures that your transition to the future of bookkeeping is seamless.

We’ll take care of everything for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of secure and accessible cloud-based bookkeeping systems – without the headache!

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Software transition for cloud bookkeeping

There are a lot of different options you can choose from – what works best for you, might not work for someone else.

That’s why we suggest you sit down with our bookkeepers to discuss the options available to you. That way you can ensure you end up using the best software for your business.

At Maximum Business Solutions, we offer support for the three of the most popular cloud bookkeeping services: XeroMYOB and Quickbooks.


As a Xero Gold Partner, we find this software to be an excellent solution for people looking to simplify their bookkeeping processes.

Designed with an eye towards the needs of small business specifically, Xero is unlike traditional accounting software.

In addition to offering the inherent benefits of cloud bookkeeping, Xero is also:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Modular, with support for third-party extensions
  • Highly-automated, taking work off your plate

Xero’s promise is simple: to “simplify success”. And we reckon it’s doing a good job!


MYOB is an Australia leader in the world of bookkeeping software. Now, MYOB is bringing its extensive experience and resources to bear, adding online bookkeeping to its suite of products.


  • Flexible for all industries
  • Large support network, including a dedicated support line
  • Plentiful resources to help you learn the system

As a MYOB partner, we had to meet strict guidelines that ensured our ability to provide quality bookkeeping.

This is an extension of MYOB’s commitment to quality both in their partners and in their product.


Quickbooks is more than one of the most popular online bookkeeping services on the market.

In addition to a wide range of features to make bookkeeping easier, Quickbooks offers features to make running your business simpler too:

We can provide you with crucial software training, allowing you to make the most of Quickbooks’ unique features at your business.

Why Maximum Business Solutions for cloud bookkeeping?

There are a lot of bookkeepers in Melbourne – what makes Maximum Business Solutions’ cloud bookkeeping services stand out from the crowd?

  • Access to official training documents and resources
  • Wide range of cloud bookkeeping platforms suitable for businesses of all sizes across all industries
  • Expert knowledge and guidance helping businesses transition to the cloud

We understand that you don’t have time to scroll through tutorial websites, or spend hours on the phone with support.

Business owners like yourself are busy people – you want bookkeeping solutions that work, and which can be implemented painlessly, and importantly – accurately.

If you’re letting the amount of work that comes with transitioning stop you from taking your small business bookkeeping to the cloud, don’t – with Maximum Business Solutions, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Once you make the decision to use cloud bookkeeping, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is why you didn’t do it sooner!

Find out more about cloud bookkeeping training.

The benefits of cloud bookkeeping for small businesses

Paperless bookkeeping

Filing cabinets. Folders. Stacks and stacks of paper. Who needs them?

Not you, once you make the transition to cloud bookkeeping!

The cloud offers a unique advantage: all your information will be stored online with secure, cloud based software. Just think of all the paper (and space) you’ll be saving by eliminating physical records.

What’s more, you’ll be able to access your information from anywhere at anytime – all you’ll need is an internet enabled device, including your phone or tablet.


As a small business owner, you’re likely very time-poor. Why not free up the tangle of self-managed books with a cloud bookkeeping solution for your business?

Cloud bookkeeping doesn’t just take your bookkeeping online – it also automates it for you.

As a result, you’ll save time that otherwise would have gone into filing invoices and filling out spreadsheets.

And that means more time to work on more important things – like running your business!

Remain compliant at all times

Bookkeeping refers to the collecting and collating data, while accounting refers to interpreting that data and advising action.

As such, it’s crucial that this information is:

  1. Accurate and compliant
  2. Quickly and clearly communicated between bookkeepers and accountants

Where do cloud bookkeeping platforms like MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero come in? Simple: they eliminate the human element, the most common source of errors.

What’s more, with all your data stored securely online, your small business bookkeeper won’t lose time transferring information to your accountant – they’ll see your data instantly.

In this sense, online bookkeeping really is the future for business bookkeeping!

Ask our small business bookkeepers about system integration

We live in an age where all of our devices and accounts are connected – your bookkeeping software is no exception.

System integration refers to the process of connecting a cloud based system with other applications and data.

This allows cloud bookkeeping to function more efficiently by communicating automatically with systems and applications you already use. Instead of having to enter the numbers yourself, you’ll enjoy to-the-second reports, all without lifting a finger.

Say you receive a payment for an invoice. Instead of having to bring up the invoice, type the details into your bookkeeping software and file it away, all of this happens automatically.

Maximise your bookkeeping software with these integrations

With cloud bookkeeping platforms, there’s no limit to the number of external accounts and software that can we can integrate with your chosen cloud bookkeeping platform:

  • Bank accounts
  • CRM software
  • Inventory databases
  • E-commerce sites

Simply tell our team of cloud bookkeepers in Melbourne what types of accounts you have and which systems you use – we’ll do the rest.
Talk to one of our experienced cloud bookkeepers today on (03) 9589 0128. Alternatively, you can leave a message here and we will be in touch!

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