Why your business NEEDS to start using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping

February 7, 2020

You’ve read this blog before. Maybe you’ve taken a gander at this website. You’ve heard us wax poetic about the benefits of cloud bookkeeping platforms such as QuickBooks.

It’s all well and good, but it’s all a little abstract, and doesn’t really tell you how cloud bookkeeping can help your business.

To give you an idea of how software such as Xero can help small business owners such as yourself, our bookkeepers in Melbourne have put together this collection of case studies based on our real-world experience helping businesses just like yours!

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How QuickBooks bookkeeping can help…


Tradies are busy people. You have to balance multiple jobs and sites, look after bookings, prepare quotes, respond to emergency call-outs… and all of this on top of the long, unpredictable hours and physically-demanding work!

Why would you want to add bookkeeping to that list?

Many tradies only have one admin worker, while some smaller operators are forced to do everything on their own – that’s a lot of work.

Luckily, QuickBooks offers tradies like yourself a solution.

In addition to automating pay runs and speeding up the process of creating invoices, QuickBooks’ bookkeeping suite also comes with features that many tradies like yourself have found useful.

One that we’d like to highlight is automatic mileage tracking.

Tradies spend a lot of time on the road. QuickBooks:

  • Uses GPS tracking to accurately record your mileage
  • Scans and digitises receipts
  • Automatically generates a report
  • Applies any tax deductions you might qualify for

And that’s just one of the ways our bookkeepers in Melbourne can use QuickBooks can help tradies like you!

Small retailers and pop-up stores

QuickBooks does more than just bookkeeping – it also offers a robust and flexible POS system that’s perfect for small retailers.

Instead of a bulky, dedicated POS machine, QuickBooks is scalable, allowing you turn your laptop or tablet into a fully-fledged cash register – ideal for retailers who may be short on space, or need to move frequently!

While there are plenty of apps available that can offer this, as a part of the QuickBooks system, QuickBooks’ POS:

  • Syncs with your cloud bookkeeping (without any lengthy setup)
  • Generates reports for sales, inventory and more
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Payments, which allows you to process payments on-the-go with Paypal and even Bitcoin(!)

Do you operate a pop-up store or food cart? Don’t have the space for a heavy POS terminal?

If so, QuickBooks is a light, easy-to-use option – our QuickBooks bookkeepers in Melbourne can set you up with a custom POS solution that’s built around your business’ unique needs!

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Insurance providers, financial advisors and lawyers

Who still uses cheques? According to data from the Australian payments Clearing Association (APCA), a lot of businesses!

In particular, the insurance, legal and superannuation sectors that continue to use cheques instead of electronic transfers.

Processing a cheque is a multistep process – one that QuickBooks makes easy.

For businesses in insurance, legal and superannuation, this can be quite a time sink – luckily, QuickBooks can make it a piece of cake.

In addition to making it easier to process cheques, it also allows you to print cheques directly from QuickBooks – good news if you don’t own a chequebook!

Tired of dealing with cheques? Looking for a faster, easier way?

If your business receives (or sends) receipts by the truckload, QuickBooks might be just what your bookkeeping needs.

Any business, really!

While these cases demonstrate how QuickBooks can help specific types of businesses, if you ask us, all businesses can benefit from taking their bookkeeping to the cloud!

QuickBooks allows you to:

  • Automate your bookkeeping
  • Sync your bookkeeping with your existing accounts and systems
  • Track time-usage
  • Access your bookkeeping anywhere, from any device
  • Have an off-site backup of your data

These benefits aren’t specific to certain types of business – any type of business can benefit from these.

With a range of different packages and its unbeatable flexibility, QuickBooks can be scaled to help any business make their bookkeeping effortless.

Our bookkeepers in Melbourne can make your bookkeeping effortless

Our mission is simple; to make your bookkeeping as simple and effortless as possible!

And with the power of cloud bookkeeping on our side, we’ve been helping businesses all over Melbourne experience faster, more effortless bookkeeping (and get their time back in the process!)

Our team will set you up with a cloud bookkeeping solution that’s built around your business. We account for:

  • The volume and types of transactions you process
  • Any unique or special requirements
  • Existing business systems and databases

Our team makes the move to cloud bookkeeping effortless – whether all you need is advice or an experienced team to take care of the entire transition effortless.

We can:

All it takes is a simple phone call – give us a ring today on (03) 9589 0128, or click here to get in touch online.