Why choose MYOB bookkeeping for your business?

July 31, 2023

What is MYOB Bookkeeping?

1.2 million Australian businesses are accurately managing their finances with MYOB’s slick and sophisticated bookkeeping software.

MYOB is one of Australia’s most prevalently used bookkeeping solutions, providing a variety of business types with powerful, in-depth reporting. The system is simple to implement and manage.

MYOB was founded in 1991, and as an Australian company, you can trust that the system will always comply with the most current Australian tax laws and regulations.

Whether you run a business or manage your personal finances, our MYOB bookkeepers in Melbourne bring exceptional accuracy and expertise to handle your financial needs with ease.

MYOB bookkeeping

What types of businesses use MYOB?

All across the country, business owners and/or accountants rely on slick, cloud-based accounting software to accurately record all aspects of a business’s finance.

Types of businesses reaping the benefits of an accounting system that works just as they need it include:

  • Retail stores
  • Banks
  • Tradies
  • Architects
  • Medical
  • Professional services
  • Schools and kindergartens

Can my business use MYOB?

Yes! Are you a small or medium or even large-sized business owner with limited knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping? Or do you simply need an all-in-one solution to deliver hassle-free accounting services?

Then MYOB could be the right accounting solution for you!

Benefits of MYOB bookkeeping

A single management solution like MYOB offers a suite of benefits to a small or medium-sized business, resulting in a streamlined accounting and finance process.


A customisable solution means you can track, record, and monitor data and finances in the most beneficial and efficient means possible.

Not only can you set the system up to fulfil your specified accounting needs, but the system also has the capacities to grow just as you do. Which leads us to the next benefit…

Room to move

MYOB’s suite of software makes it easy to adapt as your business continues to grow. You can easily add additional users as your team develops.

Various add-ons make it easy for you to customise your accounting solution as your business and individual needs change. These types of add-ons eliminate hassle of changing accounting systems just because you’ve outgrown your current one.


As with any cloud-based software or program, security concerns are justifiable. MYOB uses the most secure protection, like firewalls, but you can also increase security by using strong passwords and knowing exactly which employees have access to certain software features.

A small business mightn’t have the capability to securely store their own data and transfer it through hardware means like USB sticks, which can easily be lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Through cloud-based accounting software, you gain the benefit of stringent external protection through off-site servers as well as anytime-anywhere access to your financial data.

MYOB Partner

MYOB also:

Simplifies data logging and entry
Speeds up accounting and financial processes
Supports a variety of accounting functions including payroll and bill payments
Provides simple and clear periodic reporting
Saves time… and frustration!

MYOB partner Melbourne

Searching for a MYOB partner in Melbourne who can help manage your business’s bookkeeping?

Look no further than Maximum Business Solutions. Based in Beaumaris, Maximum Business Solutions has been providing unwavering bookkeeping solutions and services to Bayside and Melbourne clients for more than 15 years.

We understand the daily ins and outs of small and medium-sized businesses, and our bookkeepers have the expertise and knowledge to create a customised bookkeeping solution that suits your business operations.

Do you think MYOB’s accounting software could be right for you? Organise a consultation or call our office today – we’d be happy to chat.

You can also visit us for MYOB bookkeeping in Melbourne: pop into our office at 13 North Concourse, Beaumaris 3193.