How can outsourcing restaurant bookkeeping help your business

October 19, 2017

Believe us when we say it takes a small army to run a restaurant – from the wait staff to administration, there are a lot of people involved in making sure your restaurant runs smoothly at all times.

What we often don’t see are the things that happen behind the scenes in a restaurant, and we’re not talking about the chefs.

You guessed it: we’re talking about bookkeeping.

Like any other business, it’s important to keep track of all accounting and financial transactions. Engaging a competent bookkeeper can keep your records and finances in order for you so you can spend more time focusing on delivering outstanding food and service!

Restaurant bookkeeping Melbourne

Cost saving

Hiring a bookkeeper can potentially save you considerable sums of money.

While that statement might not sound like it makes sense at first, take our word for it: it’s true!

While taking on a bookie comes with upfront costs, there are a number of situations where a bookkeeper will save you.

(Bookkeeping) accidents happen

In the past, we’ve blogged about some of the common bookkeeping mistakes that small business owners can make (there are a lot!). Not everybody has a knack for numbers – but what we always stress is: that’s OK!

It’s important for restaurants to have accurate and proper bookkeeping for performance measurement, future planning and taxation.

Even small bookkeeping errors can eventually affect your bottom line. Things as simple as adding a number incorrectly, missing a bill’s deadline, or incorrectly filing a receipt – while seemingly small errors – could impact your financial records.

Winging it can be risky, especially if you have no bookkeeping training yourself. So why not let the professionals take care of it? With more than 22 years’ experience, Maximum Business Solutions has you covered:

  • Profit/loss statements
  • BAS statements
  • Payroll
  • Cash flow statements
  • Fixed asset account management
  • Corporate consolidation

Talk to a bookkeeper today to find out see how we can help support your business!

Time is money

Many restaurateurs focus so much on the monetary cost that they forget about the opportunity cost – in other words, what they could be doing instead, rather than just sticking to what they’re currently doing.

Instead of spending time refining your recipes or finding ways to create more flexible rosters for your staff, you may find yourself grudgingly stick at a desk with a calculator instead.

Hiring a bookkeeper lets you shift your attention back to what matters most in a restaurant – good food, flowing drinks, great service, and a happy team!

Handing over your restaurant’s bookkeeping to a team of experts allows you to dedicate more time and energy to focus on growing your business.

As a restaurant owner, you already have a lot on your plate! Why add even more?

Restaurant bookkeeping Melbourne

Need a restaurant bookkeeper in Bayside?

Contact Maximum Business Solutions!

No matter how big or small your restaurant is, you can’t deny the need and importance of accurate and clean bookkeeping.

If you’re looking to save on costs, outsourcing your bookkeeping is the perfect solution.

Maximum Business Solutions can manage all aspects of your bookkeeping, working seamlessly with an in-house accountant periodically throughout the financial year.
If you want to speak to one of our expert bookkeepers to learn more about bookkeeping solutions for your restaurant, give us a call or organise a consultation today!