A bookkeeper in Melbourne shares costly habits that cause business problems

June 15, 2018

Without the proper support from a bookkeeper in Melbourne, problems can arise within your business.

Sometimes the troubles that you experience stem from bookkeeping habits that can cause costly problems to your business’s finances.

Well it’s time break these habits – now!

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To help you out, Maximum Business Solutions is here to break down the three major bad bookkeeping habits that you should put a stop to.

1. Investing in an inexperienced bookkeeper

Some business owners take it upon themselves to be their own bookkeepers. And some assign the role to already-busy staff members who may have limited bookkeeping knowledge and virtually no experience.

While you might laud the opportunity to keep this task in-house, the truth of the matter is, this kind of practice may prove to be disadvantageous, leading to poor record keeping and numerous errors around payroll, tax payments, and GST.

You might think for the first few months of  a growing business that you can handle it yourself, but it can quickly snowball, becoming an unmanageable and often disheartening practice that you grow to dread.

Save the frustration: to avoid falling into the trappings of bad bookkeeping, make sure you work with professional bookkeepers in Melbourne, like our team at Maximum Business Solutions.

2. Falling behind on your books

You can never get the true state of your business’s financial health and wellness if your books are not being accurately and constantly updated.

Falling behind on your books and getting the records wrong can be very devastating to your business and your employees.

When this happen, you might end up spending more money on corrective measures, paying penalties due to missing deadlines or inaccurate record keeping, and losing profits that you should be earning instead.

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3. Missing important tax deadlines

If you’re a business owner, one of the major things that you would never wish for is to have the ATO turn up on your doorstep!

When the ATO comes knocking, it could mean that there’s something with your taxes. Make sure that this does not happen to you and your business by making sure that all deadlines and requirements that are related to business taxation are met.

Business tax and bookkeeping can get complicated given the scope, coverage and depth of work required.

The best thing you can do is invest in a bookkeeping specialist who can work on your books without missing important tax dates and who can ensure your business is compliant with all the ATO essentials!

Get rid of costly bookkeeping habits that are bad for your business!

Work with a trusted Melbourne bookkeeper: Maximum Business Solutions!

Without a shadow of a doubt, bookkeeping is a very crucial aspect in running and operating a business.

And since it’s an all important part of the business, you have to make sure that it is handled responsibly.

Bad bookkeeping habits that you might find your business currently in can prove to be disadvantageous, causing you to spend unnecessary time and resources on them.

With the help of Maximum Business Solutions, we can work on getting rid of these habits and optimising your business’s financial health and wellness.

As an expert in small and medium business bookkeeping, we have a wide range of bookkeeping servicesavailable to business owners in Melbourne

If you are interested to learn how we can be your bookkeeping partner, give us a call – (03) 9589 0128 or leave us a message. We’d love to catch up over a coffee.